Product Spotlight for Fall

CobraTec Knives

On January 11, 2021, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine signed SB 140. This bill repealed the ban on the manufacture and sale of “switchblade,” “spring blade,” and “gravity” knives. The bill also cleans up vague and confusing language in the Ohio law regarding the carry of ANY knife by defining a knife, razor, or cutting instrument as a “deadly weapon” or “weapon” ONLY if it is used as a weapon. This now allows the carrying of any knife concealed under state law.

The bill went into effect 90 days after being signed, on April 11, 2021. We began carrying CobraTec knives soon thereafter, and have had a very good response to them. They are one of the most popular items in our shop.

CobraTec is a leading manufacturer of automatic knives. They are a US based company located in Meridian, Texas. They offer many styles, sizes and colors of automatic knives. CobraTec knives come with a limited lifetime warranty! They stand by their product. They are well made, and the CTK-1 line is heavy and includes a glass breaker on the end. They have many limited addition options as well.

Right To Life Defense is proud to be an official dealer of CobraTec Knives. We have looked at many other automatic knife options, including those offered by Microtech. But the value provide by CobraTec for a top notch product cannot be overstated. Many other brands of automatic knives start at over $300. CobraTec knives are significantly less costly, while maintaining high quality.

We offer CobraTec knives at a price significantly below MSRP. We are currently expanding our selection of colors, blade types, and sizes. Come in to see what we have in stock or check out our web store. Feel free to peruse the CobraTec website. If you see a knife you like and we don’t have it in stock, you can let us know about it and we can order it for you with our next shipment.

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