Breaking! Biden attacks the 2A!

Today, Biden implemented executive actions designed to attack law abiding gun owners. How do we know this? Because nothing in his EOs addresses any aspect of the shootings in Colorado or Georgia. This makes it clear that those incidents are only convenient excuses to try to weaken and eventually eliminate the 2nd Amendment. Regulating so called “ghost guns”, redefining pistol braces, etc. will not protect anyone and only harm law abiding citizens.

Now is the time for every freedom loving American to get involved! Whether you are a gun owner or not, it is imperative that you understand that the 2nd safeguards the rest! Without the 2nd amendment, no other right is protected.

Don’t know where to start? Chris Dorr has a Facebook group and page that is outstanding. Chris has been leading the 2nd Amendment fight in multiple states and we are lucky to have him involved in Ohio. Check out Ohio Gun Owners page on Facebook. Also the web site for OGO here. Call your elected officials and let them know you do not support attacks on our fundamental freedoms.

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