Form 4473 Explained

BATF Form 4473 has 5 sections. Section A is filled out by the licensed firearms dealer (FFL holder) and includes a list of firearms being purchased/transferred, including manufacturer/importer, model, serial number, type and caliber, total number of firearms being transferred, and some checks as to whether the transfer is a pawn redemption or to facilitate a private transfer (required in some states for private sales of firearms, not in Ohio).

Section B is the information you must provide and includes demographic data as well as specifics about you. The information in this section is what provides the FBI with search criteria they will use to perform the background check. There are also a series of yes/no questions you must answer and attest to by signing the form at the bottom of section B. Be sure to carefully fill in this data. There are some common mistakes to avoid; be sure to accurately fill out both question 18a and 18b, even thought they seem repetitive; carefully read and answer questions 21a-k, and leave question 21.1.2 if you answered No on questions 21.1.1 . The NICS background check system will use it to identify you and conduct your check. If there is inaccurate or erroneous information in what you provide, it could result in your being denied. Make sure the address you fill in is your actual address and that you have the identifying documents to present that have the same address. If your driver’s license has an old address, you will need to provide another government issued form of identification, such as a vehicle registration that shows your actual residence that matches the one you filled out on the form. Keep in mind that you are signing and attesting to the fact that your answers are true and accurate. Lying on a form 4473 is felony and is punishable by 10 years in prison.

Section C is completed by your dealer, and captures some information about the firearm(s) and the information of from the identifying documents (e.g. your driver’s license, CHL, etc.) If you do not have the Ohio CHL, your information will be transmitted to the FBI NICS system for a background check. The dealer will capture the date the information was transmitted to the NICS system, the transaction number, and the response from the system. If you are permit exempt with a CHL, then that information is left blank.

Section D is another signature from you, the transferee/buyer, certifying that your answers to section B are still true and accurate. This is required if the actual transfer of the firearm happens on a different day than section B was filled out and attested to.

Section E is for the dealer to fill out company information and to sign. The remainder of the paper version of form 4473 is instructions.

A Form 4473 is not sent to the FBI or the BATF. It is filed and stored by the licensed dealer you purchased the firearm from. See this link for ATF Form 4473 FAQs. The form will only be surrendered to the BATF if the FFL goes out of business, or surrenders or loses his license for any reason.

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